Complete Quantum Regeneration

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An 8 week long quantum regeneration program to completely heal your mind, body, and spirit on all levels with Quantum Biofeedback, including 8 weekly Zoom calls and a total of 24 treatment protocols (3 per week) over 2 months. The treatment protocols include over 15 frequencies each, making a total of more than 360 healing frequencies. This vibrational medicine treats imbalances in your energetic field from infection to nutrition and digestion to chakras to spiritual protection to DNA upgrades and activations. 

Have you been struggling with health issues and pain that you can’t seem to heal?

Are you ready to let go of all your pain and suffering...of all that is no longer serving you?

Can you imagine a revolutionary tool that can completely regenerate your body with healing frequencies?

Are you ready to invest in your complete health and well being?

Would you like to dive deep into your fullest potential and generate health in all aspects of your life?

What if I told you there is a way to generate daily complete, in-depth health analyses and treatments designed specifically to create balance and harmony on all levels of your being?

What if I told you that an incredible technology called Quantum Bioenergetic Feedback (Quantum Biofeedback) can help you release anything that is no longer serving you from your cells...from your energy?

Discover harmony, balance, alignment, increased energy, and enhanced vitality with the revolutionary holistic healing technique of quantum biofeedback therapy. Every day you will receive a complete health analysis and treatment for your mind - body - energy, including:

* chakras

* meridians

* brain anatomy

* neurotransmitters

* emotions

* digestion

* amino acids

* minerals

* sensitivities

* spinal energy

* hormones

* infections

* internal organs

* glands

* vitamins

* parasites

* microbiome (gut health)


What is Quantum Bioenergetic Feedback?

Where pharmaceuticals work on biochemistry -- biofeedback works on the biophysics of our body.

The biophysics of our body are our cells - atoms - made of pure energy.

Quantum Biofeedback devices detect stress in the energetic frequencies of a person or animal and supply the needed frequencies to reduce the stress and restore balance.

This technology give us the ability to look inside our cells to gain information and learn about what is happening within our body that is causing us stress. Stress, as we know, creates dis-ease mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

How does this all work?

This technology reads your energetic field through your voice and a photo of you that allows the technology to see your energy field. It then analyzes your energy field through thousands of frequencies to determine where your body, mind, emotions, spirit is more stressed and out of alignment which leads to blocked energy and a lack of FLOW of resources, aka money. It then goes and uses the correct harmonic frequencies and sends them through your field to support the stressed areas to unwind and harmonize, restoring ease and vitality.

This Quantum Genius Activation can be done on a one-on-one basis, or in a group.

How does it work with a group then?

This technology is highly sophisticated and allows us to capture the group energy signature through taking a picture of everyone in the group (through the live camera on Zoom) and records everyone's voice while talking to capture the group energy signature. Everyone in the group is carrying the same intention, to be pain free. When groups of people come together there is a reason for it, everyone in the group shares something in their energy field and as we come together a new field of energy is created, the group field, through the group field we influence the individual people and in my experience we can often see even greater shifts when together in a group coherence then when we are alone because the energy of two or more people gathered amplifies the intention, the energy and the growth.

What's the process?

Every week we meet live on zoom - you must attend the start of this call to be included in the audio recording and picture to ensure your energy is present. We will then run multiple health assessments (including brain, digestion, chakras, organs, stress...) which will give us insights into the deeper imbalances and then will run the program that includes many healing frequencies from plants, herbs, minerals, affirmations, healing frequencies from Rife and many more together in this live session. You'll relax and receive. Then during the week I will continue to run these healing frequencies for 2 remote sessions so you will be receiving Quantum Biofeedback frequencies into your field, as well as an audio treatment sent to you!  *Please note there is only one live call every week and the rest you do not have to do anything for, it all happens energetically through the technology. You will be sent audio frequencies for the remote treatments to listen to on your own time for continued healing.

What's Included?

  • 8 Live Weekly Calls with Live Bioresonance Treatment
  • 24 total treatments protocols with a minimum of 15 frequencies each
  • Your own set of magnetic wristbands to wear around your wrists for daily treatments at home 
  • 60 days of receiving Quantum Regeneration frequencies.
  • Create your own customized frequencies.
  • DNA Activations guided by the Gene Keys
  • Your own digital copy of the Gene Keys book by Richard Rudd
  • Your personal Gene Keys profile reading to learn your life purpose and connect with the highest version of yourself
  • The bioresonance app for clients to receive frequencies for home treatments (via your phone or tablet)
  • BONUS exercises to help you grow new brain cells and regenerate your entire body.

What can I expect to experience?

Everyone feels energy differently some might notice it right away and feel the subtle sensations in the body, while others will feel nothing. Those who feel nothing, are still receiving everything the people who sense the energy receive. Generally you can expect to feel energized and creative, as the energy that was stuck begins to flow.

How can I get the most out of this experience?

  • Get a good 7-8 hours of sleep as much as you can.
  • Stay Hydrated and take in electrolytes this supports your electromagnetic field that we are working on.
  • Work with the mental, physical, and emotional exercises that will be given in this course.

When are the live calls?

If one-on-one, we will agree on the best mutual time for our weekly Zoom calls.

Next 2-month long Quantum Regeneration group: TBD.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

There are no refunds and cancellations once the program has started.