4 Week Quantum Immune Boost

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Here's the perfect solution if you want to ensure you have a strong IMMUNE SYSTEM capable of handling the CoronaVirus outbreak.

Wondering what's the best way to support yourself during this time? 

The answer...Ensure you have a STRONGER Defense.

In sports when a team has an incredible offense, you don't strengthen your offense, you put your best defense on the field.

YOUR Defense is your IMMUNE SYSTEM.

Are you worried that due to stress, diet choices, lifestyle, past or current adverse health experiences that your immune system might not be up to par...that it might not be the defense ready to tackle such a strong offensive virus? 

Let me let you in on a secret about your immune system the news, media, harmacutical industry doesn't want you to know...

It is made of 100% PURE ENERGY (as are YOU!). Because of this we can use frequency (energy) to BOOST your immune system without having to spend thousands of dollars on a whole list of supplements, herbs, foods, tests, so on and so forth. Without having to wait years of detoxing, when you need an immune system boost right now!

This is where Quantum Immunity BOOST comes in!

  • Receive 30-days of Quantum (energy) Biofeedback sessions that sends specific frequencies to you through the quantum field of your body, mind, spirit that are designed to boost your immune system at the source (your cells).
  • Receive the frequencies of over 45 super foods, and over 15 supplements all designed to increase your bodies vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to drastically increase your nutrition (especially Vitamin C for your immune system) without having to change your lifestyle or your daily routine. 
  • Receive also in this program the RIFE frequency protocols for immunity balancing and boosting, along with the specific Nogier and Sollfegio frequencies that activate your immune system, your organs, and specifically your lungs (which are showing to be where the CoronaVirus likes to hang out). 
  • Release the Fear this virus is bring up through receiving the frequencies of 15 affirmations of health, strength and resilience to support your mind and emotions to be free of the collective pandemic of fear, while still being educated on what is happening worldwide. 
  • Receive healing frequencies daily so that you can stay calm and move forward knowing that whatever happens, your immune system will be strong and resilient. 


What is Quantum Biofeedback?

Where pharmaceuticals work on biochemistry -- biofeedback works on the biophysics of our body.

The biophysics of our body are our cells - atoms - made of pure energy.

Quantum Biofeedback devices detect stress in the energetic frequencies of a person or animal and supply the needed frequencies to reduce the stress and restore balance.

This technology give us the ability to look inside our cells to gain information and learn about what is happening within our body that is causing us stress. Stress, as we know, creates dis-ease mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

How does this all work?

Every week for 30 day's you'll send me a photo of yourself and a audio recording of your voice. The technology uses these to read your energy through the quantum field and tune into your presence so that when the frequencies are sent, they are sent directly to you through the quantum field (the energy grid). 

When do I receive the sessions?

Sessions are run Monday through Friday for 30 days. I begin new people on Tuesdays, so if you join on a Friday your session will begin the next Tuesday. You will receive a welcome email within 24 hours of joining, that has what time of day your sessions will be run. You do not have to stop what you are doing, or log in to anything, you can continue to go about your day as usual. I just recommend pausing for a moment to state your intention of being open to receive through the quantum field (though this is not necessary, it just supports your mental body to feel connected). 

Where will the welcome email come from?

You will receive the welcome email from shineyouressence@gmail.com. 

Is this a group experience?

No! This is not a group experience, you will be receiving these unique custom-made energies independently. 

What can I expect to experience?

Everyone receives energy through the quantum field differently. Some people might be able to sense when their sessions are being run, other people will not feel anything. The biggest thing you will notice is an increase in your energy and resilience that usually happens after the first few days of receiving the frequencies.  You will also likely notice feeling calmer about the whole situation happening now. The first few days you might notice feeling a bit more tired as your body gets used to receiving frequencies it needs and has not experienced in a while, if ever. 

What are the frequencies you will receive?

Over 45 frequencies from super foods, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flower essences. Including:

Acerola cherries Astragalus Black radish

Black currants Broccoli Brussel sprouts

Calendula Camu Camu Cats claw Chaga mush

Chesnut bud Chili peppers Cordyceps mush

Echinacea elderberry garlic ginger goji berries

guavas honeysuckle impatiens Kakadu plums Kale Kiwis

Lemon Licorice root Lion's mane mushroom Lychees

Maitake mushroom Manuka honey Mastic gum

Mustard spinach Oranges Papayas Parsley Persimmons

Raw shilajit Red Chesnut Reishi mushroom Rosehips

Shitake Mush Strawberries Super Coriolus mush

Sweet yellow peppers Thyme Turkey tail mush.

Over 15 different super food, cellular regeneration, and immune system supportive supplements. Including: 

  • Biophysics essentials – microbiome restore 
  • Chyawanprash
  • E3AFA E3LIVE, 
  • Ferr Phos cell salt 
  • Wobenzym N, 
  • Longevity power revival formula
  • Miracle reds superfood blend
  • Our healing tea 
  • Pure synergy pure radiant C
  • Purium apothem cherry
  • Purium Kamut 
  • Purium more greens 
  • Quicksilver scientific (QSS) artemisinin emulsion
  • QSS liposomal vitamin C 
  • QSS microbe manager QSS NAD gold 
  • Sambucus 
  • TCM All Tonic & Yin Chiao

Specific frequencies for compounds the body needs to support immune system health including:

Allicin Andrographis Antioxidants Berbine

Lomatium Quercetin Thymosin beta4 Triterpenes

Specific Mineral Frequencies Including:

Mother Earth Minerals selenium, ultimatium, zinc

Essential Oil Frequencies

clove, frankincense, oregano, thyme.

Special Frequencies for Immune System Health: 

  • RIFE Frequencies for Immune system balance protocol 
  • & Immune system stabilization protocol 
  • NOGIER – A & B 
  • ALL Solfeggio tones

Spiritual & Energetic Frequencies from: 

  • Embracing the Light
  • Surround and Protect
  • Fearless flower essence blend

Frequencies of Your Vertebrae in your spine directly influencing your immune system, organs, and specifically lungs.

  • C7 - Thyroid Gland & Respiratory System
  • T2 - Heart, coronary arteries, chest pain and chest congestion like pneumonia, bronchitis and other lung virus (like COVID - 19)
  • T8 - Immune System, chronic viruses and infections, spleen, diaphragm 

Color & Healing Frequencies: 

  • Gold - divine protection and intervention.
  • Green- heart and lungs, health, trust, surrender.
  • Violet- nervous system, healing energy.

Frequencies from 15 affirmations for a healthy immune system (the list you will receive when you sign up!)

As you can see this frequency protocol is extensive, to ensure your mind, body, spirit, emotions are E-munity boosted.